The Agency

Danila-Freitag is a Berlin and Brussels-based agency for the performing arts, founded by producer Julia Danila and producer/ lawyer Sepide Freitag. With a focus on international distribution, it aims at servicing the contemporary dance and performance field with an expanded network, strategic planning and international touring. We support artists with a critical, engaging and sensitised perspective on art, life and contemporary issues. 

Julia Danila is a Berlin-based producer, distributor and agent with more than 10 years of experience in the field of contemporary dance and performance art working internationally for institutions and artists including Jess Curtis/ Gravity and tanzmainz. As recipient of scholarships from Robert Bosch Foundation, Goethe Institute and Dachverband Tanz, she produced The Hesitating Body – dance and theory forum and produced and toured worldwide the duet The Way You Look (at me) Tonight by Jess Curtis and Claire Cunningham, amongst many others. In 2020, she co-founded Danila-Freitag, Agency for the Performing Arts.

Sepide Freitag, producer, distributor, agent and lawyer completed her training at the German Embassy in Tokyo and the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Berlin. She studied art history in Bonn and worked for several years in legal departments and law firms on labor, media and copyright law and gained international lobbying experience in the international and human rights field as a legal and policy advisor in associations and NGOs in Brussels and Berlin. As producer in dance and performance she co-founded Danila-Freitag, Agency for the Performing Arts.

The Agency is currently representing Bara Kolenc, ClĂ©ment Layes (Public in Private), Dance OnJess Curtis/ Gravity and Sergiu Matis.